The customized service is a service adapted to the customer's needs, wishes and brand image.
The customized service have to make unique products, who fit perfectly with the client's activity.

HARPRO proposes a customized service to his clients for the manufacturing of their products :

  • 1. Project

    You give us your project and we will advise him, bring some modifications, to make something lives up to your expectations.

  • 2. Creation

    The designer will work on the project and, with the workshop team, will shape it by drawing product. Once he finished, the file is sent to you.

  • 3. Samples

    Once you validate the proposition, the creation file is transmitted to the manufacturing team who will make samples in the first time. it will be sent to your office.

  • 4. Manufacturing

    After the reception of the products, you give us your feelings about the samples and also modifications if necessary.
    Then you validate the order and so launch the production.

  • 5. Logistics

    The products are manufactured and sent to your address.

Customized service

Throughout our 5 bestsellers products presented below, you could see Harpro’s customization has only one limit : your imagination.